Caveman Vodka Bottle

Distilled 100% From Grapes

Long ago Cavemen were constantly on the run hunting and gathering or being chased by saber-toothed tigers. Today, the world is still moving fast and now we have the luxury of celebrating our achievements with a Vodka that starts with Paleo-friendly, Gluten-free ingredients.

Always handcrafted from the finest California grapes instead of grains, Caveman Vodka is clean, crisp, and smooth. The perfect vodka for those who “go against the grain” in their eating and lifestyle and live the motto ...

Work Hard - Have Fun!


Did you know that a bottle of vodka is 60% water? This means the kind of water chosen makes a huge difference! We use only 100% clean & pure Sierra – Alpine water. Its minerality translates to a smooth and full finish.

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